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Savvy - Cozy - Understated

Hello and thank you for stepping into the cozy corners of my digital dwelling. With a foundation built on 10 years of honing my craft through musical theatre and vocal training, I bring to the table enthusiasm, as well as the skills of a seasoned artist committed to delivering an unparalleled experience.


At 20 years old, I've cultivated a deep passion for storytelling through years in theatre, navigating life from the UK to Hawaii and back. The spoken (or sung) word has been my constant love. Described as a warm hug on an autumn morning, my voice embodies a cozy, savvy, yet understated tone. I hope you find it as enjoyable as I do.


Whether diving into a new game or exploring nature (occasional log stumbles included), I'm never far from a microphone. Driven by a passion for storytelling, I'm ready to bring any story to life, from concise commercials to immersive novels and action-packed games.


Narrative demo reel


commercial demo reel

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